Our mission was clear

Make wearing sweats all day, to any event, both acceptable and enviable while at the same time safely stashing your stuff zipped up in your pockets.

Thus, BANGLER set out to redefine comfort and versatility. 

We strive to provide you function and style for the wild world in which you live -- effortlessly taking you from day to night.  So grab your wallet, zip it up in your pocket . . . and literally go anywhere. 




Born in the bars of New York City, two great friends decided to change the sweatpants game as they knew it.

Doc, a basketball playing dude from NJ, loved sweatpants, and wanted to be able to wear them as much as girls wear yoga pants.  Problem was, there were too many places he went that sweatpants were unacceptable, and too many times he lost his stuff.  

Lauren, a Chi-town born marketing director, knew he was on to something -- there had to be a way to get guys looking fine while feeling good, without having to sacrifice their beloved sweatpants.  They decided to join forces to create a brand that cut through the noise - authentic, reliable and simple, but a game changer in the way guys approached their wardrobe.