Posted by Doc & Lauren on Mar 4th 2016


We always believed one thing – sweats are the next best option to free balling. Problem is, you've either are in a really comfortable pair that you should not be allowed to wear out of the house, you've made the fashion faux pas and then lost your phone, keys, and/or wallet, or you've squeezed into a an overpriced designer pair. Is it too much to ask to want it all? We didn’t think so.

Over some heavy cocktails in downtown NYC, we became obsessed to find a perfect sweatpants and sweatshort solution with zippers - the wheels started turning and BANGLER became a no brainer, it needed to be done. We jumped headfirst into changing the way men wear and love their sweats.

Our mission was clear-create sweats that worked in every way: authentic, simple and reliable threads that made guys look good, feel good and kept stuff stashed. After some serious blood, sweat and tears, BANGLER emerged and Man’s Best Threads was born.

We strive to provide guys function for the wild world in which you live, style to ensure you look awesome, and straight up kick ass comfort. We couldn’t be more obsessed with what we do and who BANGLER is.

See you this Fall,

- Doc and Lauren